Once particular proceeded lookin, it end up back in the fresh guild

Once particular proceeded lookin, it end up back in the fresh guild

She claims one she was not lying regarding book are a memento out-of the woman mother, however, given that posts of novel was away from most of the tales you to definitely the lady mom informed her when she are younger

Realizing the problem it composed, Natsu and you will Delighted go to all of the bookstores from inside the Magnolia, hoping to find a duplicate of guide. Gray and you can Erza give the 2 troublemakers to apologize to help you Lucy as soon as they can also be. But before he’s got the chance, Lucy shows up and you will gives Natsu and Happy other book named Miltu Fable, a good prequel so you’re able to Maya Tree. However, Natsu cannot prevent shaking when you look at the fear. Happier, who do not end trembling as well, requires what makes the publication very important to Lucy. Lucy hesitates if you will ahead of proclaiming that the book are a souvenir of the lady mom, that creates the two troublemakers to split down into rips. Whenever Lucy claims that the last region make him or her missing rips, Natsu and you may Happy opinion that they’re currently sobbing, but Lucy generally seems to not pay attention to the feedback. [48]

Times later on, the newest troubled Natsu and Pleased became alot more disheartened whenever Gray statements how delighted Lucy are and you may Erza comments about they is a memento out of Lucy’s late mommy. Understanding that it will only damage the girl alot more when they make an effort to hide they, Natsu and you may Delighted quickly go to Lucy to apologize to help you their. But while they are apologizing, Lucy starts to shout and you will works Siebte Tag Adventist Dating away, making a couple traumatized government in the street. Three days citation, and you will Grey cards one to Lucy has never reach the latest guild for similar period of time. Happier then says one even if they do find the exact same guide, the guy does not genuinely believe that Lucy will forgive them, that Natsu reactions which he currently understands that, nonetheless they still have to discover the exact same book having Lucy’s sake. Just then, Lucy appears. Together lead held lower in side away from Natsu and you may Delighted, she actually starts to apologize. Everyone is confused as to what she setting, however, Lucy continues to say that she lied. Starting the woman bag, she dumps out the posts, also to Natsu’s and Happy’s surprise, it includes of numerous duplicates of your own burned guide. Happier requires as to why Lucy owns way too many copies, to which Lucy replies one to she tried to publish the book out of her very own wallet. [49]

Whenever you are Erza fears over Lucy, she says the woman is alot more concerned with Natsu and you can Pleased, all of just who ended up being frantically trying to find an equivalent book in many different towns and cities rather than others

Lucy next states when she heard that Natsu and you may Happy was indeed finding the ebook, she was therefore happy it need gone over their head. Lucy wanted these to read the publication and you may wished which they would-be extremely looking just what book must render. She after that states one burning the publication didn’t very suggest continuously, but she wasn’t equipped to handle the reality that it lied on the being looking the ebook. Just like the Lucy will continue to confess, she starts to scream and you may claims one she was never frustrated on her or him, but alternatively ashamed by her very own creativeness and you may pleasure. Natsu and you will Happy make an effort to peaceful Lucy off because of the telling this lady to conquer him or her until she actually is met. This merely renders the woman cry actually harder, that triggers Natsu and you can Willing to scream also. Gray then comes into and you will sets a container on the ground, comforting all of them off and informing them one both sides try at fault. Happy after that asks exactly what the take in is always to which Gray says that drink reflects just what its cluster feels as though, that triggers visitors so you’re able to laugh. With that said, Grey informs these to the miracles of water and also prepared to functions again, that individuals feedback joyfully. [50]

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